My favourite vegan recipes – plant-based, healthy and delicious!

Find a selection of my vegan recipes here – including delicious creations for breakfast, lunch, dinner & the little hunger in between!

It was going vegan that made me discover my love for getting creative in the kitchen. At first it forced me to go into the kitchen more often and create my own food, but it very quickly turned into a creative passion of mine – and the rest is history.

Over the years I’ve created numerous vegan recipes – and I’ve set up this blog in 2015 as a medium to share my favourite creations with you! Whether it’s small bites or the big feed – I love letting my imagination run wild in the kitchen and sometimes even I am surprised what wonderful things can happen when combining a few ingredients.

I hope you will enjoy my vegan recipes just as much as I do – whether you’re cooking for yourself or for an entire family!

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