Zesty Summer Salad

This blog post contains a paid collaboration with Appletiser.

Summer is just around the corner – I can totally sense it in the air!

To be honest, in London it currently seems like the seasons have jumped straight over spring – after all, we already went from frost and snow to sunny skies and 30 degrees within a month this year! Crazy weather, right?

I’m definitely so happy that the weather is finally in line with my balcony picnic plans, cause I absolutely love having my breakfast, lunch, dinner & co under blue skies and fresh air.

As this month is full of #summervibes I want to show you this refreshing & light, zesty summer salad! The recipe is the #perfectpairing with an ice-cold Appletiser – as they both include one of your 5 a day, so that’s 2 off your daily list already with this stunning combination 😉

Maybe I am a little cliché here, but I have been loving creative salads recently – and that means a lot, as I am known to say that ‘I don’t like that green stuff’, ha! But hey: I must have had a long sad-salad phase when that sentence last left my lips. However, this is no longer the case: so let me show you this new zesty favourite combination of mine!

Oh, and by the way – decorating with edible flowers is of course totally optional, but doesn’t it look stunning? I usually get mine from Whole Foods, but I’ve recently been told that Sainsbury’s also stocks them during the summer months – however, I am yet to spot them there myself.

This recipe has definitely convinced me to try out more zesty & fruity salad combinations over the summer… I am already thinking about watermelon 😉

So, let’s get down to business!


– 1 Bag of Mixed Italian salad

– 2 Oranges

– 150g Strawberries

– 1/2 Cucumber

– 1 tbsp Sunflower seeds

– 2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

– 1/2 Lemon

– Salt/pepper to taste

– 1 tsp Sesame seeds (optional)

For the Appletiser mocktail:

– 1/2 Cucumber

– 4 Strawberries

– Ice cubes

– 1 Bottle of Appletiser


1. Let’s start with creating the base! Wash and drain the salad, then set aside in your salad bowl while you’re chopping the rest of the ingredients.

2. Chop the cucumber into small squares. Make sure to shave off 4 slices of cucumber first for your Appletiser mocktail – I used a potato peeler for this, but a mandolin works just as well.

3. Wash the strawberries and add them to the salad bowl alongside the cucumber chunks.

4. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium to high heat. Cut 1 1/2 oranges into 1cm thick slices, then carefully cut off the peel. Gently add the slices to the hot pan and let them grill – remember not to move or flip them over until the bottom is grilled & golden. This should take about 5 minutes. Grill the slices on both sides, then add them to your salad.

5. To create the dressing, squeeze the leftover 1/2 orange and 1/2 lemon into a small bowl or jar. Add the balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt & pepper.

6. Top your salad with the seeds and whip that zesty dressing on the top.

7. To create your Mocktail add 2 slices of cucumber, the slices strawberries, ice and Appletiser to the fanciest glass in your kitchen!

8. Enjoy!

Enjoying summer-y recipes? Keep an eye out for next month’ recipe – it’s all about vegan BBQ!

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