What makes me happy

It’s that time of the year: cold, rainy London winter. Grey skies and short days – the perfect time of the year to feel depressed… and on top of that another man-made phenomenon, simply created to drag us down a little more: Blue Monday…

… and therefore the perfect time of the year to bring some more positivity into my life and think about all of the things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?


For me happiness is:


Going your own way, doing your own thing – and knowing that everything you have in love, is everything that you have worked hard for and earned yourself. Achievements. Finding your own way. Feeling capable to deal with everything that life throws at you, because look at how far you have come!


Being your own person, living your own mind. Ideas. Creativity. The will to do whatever you feel like, listening to your heart. Stop overthinking. Calm and peaceful. And not doubting yourself if others don’t see the rainbow in the same colours as you do.

A phone call from Mum

Nothing lifts off any bad mood better than pouring your heart out to mum and at the same time taking in any life experience she shares with you. Talking for hours on the phone, sharing your life with each other. Talking about hopes, frustrations, sharing laughter .Getting it all out without feeling judged, feeling like you can be you.


Whenever I have a day that I just feel down, I love going through old photographs and videos, reminding myself of great times and memories…. travelling, on holiday with my best friends, back when I still went to school, on weekend trips with my family, or simply at home on those long after-school hours playing guitar hero for hours. All of these great memories that I will keep forever.

There is something magical about photographs taking you right back into the time they were taken. I’m incredibly thankful of photography capturing precious moments and refreshing the memories of them.



Getting cosy with a cup of tea, a comfy blanket and more pillows than you can count. With a good book or your favourite series. Warm and cosy. Candle lights & relaxing scents, in a calm and tidy space where you can fully focus on being comfortable and ‘hygge’ whilst the rain is knocking on your window. Home.

My best friend

A friend to share so many memories with, a friend to grow with. For me this is my longest friend Nicole. We have known each other for nearly 22 years now and we have done everything together during our youth. Even now that I live in another country and have done so for a few years, every time I see her it’s just as if we have never been any time apart.


I just love these adorable creatures and seeing photos or videos of them just makes me really happy. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved elephants and I clearly remember Dumbo being my first ever favourite movie when I was about 3 years old. Dumbo was just so damn cute with his big massive, floppy ears. Meeting an elephant out in the wild is definitely one of the things still on my bucket list.


That liberating feeling of lifting the clutter off your life. Getting rid of the things we drag along and that we neither need nor bring us joy. Reorganising the mind as you reorganise your surroundings.

A good cup of tea (or coffee!)

What could make one more happy than a perfect cup of tea? There are not many things as magical as a good cup of tea. A good ol’ cuppa can dry tears, chase away your worries and give you that warm, cosy & content feeling that you are right where you belong.




That feeling when your head buzzes because it is so full of ideas. Making plans & writing them down. Browsing through endless photos and articles about pretty things


There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path. There is no path to love. Love is the path, There is no path to peace, peace is the path. (Dan Millman)

Making lists of things that make me happy.

Appreciate. And just be happy.


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