London Vegan Beer Fest 2016

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first of all: thank you for reading my blog – you cannot believe how much I appreciate this!

As it is July it was time for the London Vegan Beer Fest once again last week – this time in a new venue: The Old Ship.

To give you a little bit of background: The Old Ship is a pub in W6 near Hammersmith, right on the river front – and as a pub everything else than a vegan venue.

Fatgayvegan, organiser of the festival, however managed to get The Old Ship go vegan for the weekend.

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With a lovely garden area right next to the pub, The Old Ship had plenty of space to accommodate vegan bars and food stalls and turned out to be a brilliant venue for this festival.

As if the weather gods approved of a bunch of vegans eating and getting tipsy together: the weather turned out to be absolutely amazing – I even nearly got a tan!

Entrance fee on the day was £8 on the door and £5 online – so if you were clever, you bought your tickets online 5 minutes before entry 😉

Sponsored by Follow Your Heart, the first 1000 visitors who subscribed to their mailing list could go home with a free pack of their ‘Vegan Egg’ which the company launched earlier this year and as a true Follow Your Heart lover, this alone would have been reason enough for me to go.

(Their Vegan Egg makes a perfect scramble, but more about that another time)

My favourite beer of the day was definitely Fatgayvegan’s own brew: An ale with e blend of lime and Himalayan Pink Salt. Yes, you read that right: salt.

I am normally not a fan of ale, but this one may have changed my mind – such a fresh flavour and to be honest, I really loved the saltiness of this beer. Tbf salt tastes great with nearly everything… well maybe not with coffee (remembering our last holiday I am sure, Nick can tell you more about that experience…)

Food was amazing, if also expensive: £8 for a breakfast wrap or a burger is not something I would normally spend for a quick bite, but as the beer made us hungry and the food smelled amazing, we could not resist. Nick had a breakfast wrap and I am sure I will be trying to re-create this one some time soon: Vegan Egg, Hashbrowns, Brown Sauce – yum!

I  myself conquered the queue for the Burger Stand and tried a Mock Duck Burger, as you can see in more detail in my Vlog below.

All in all an amazing day – and I am sure I will be going back next year!

Get an impression of the London Vegan Beer Fest here:


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