Vegan Pancake Base Recipe


Apologies for my 7 day absence, but you will shorty find out what I was busy with 😉 (hint hint… There might be another post coming tomorrow!)

Last week I also posted online, trying to find out whether people would rater like to see more sweet or more savoury recipes. Opinions were quite divided I must say – so I thought I’d better take the safe way and give you a neutral base recipe that could be made sweet or savoury! 

(Clever, right?!)

So… how about some pancakes?

Yes? Yes.

Vegan Blogger UK | Vegan Pancakes Recipe

(Everybody loves pancakes)

I personally have always liked them as a sweet option rather than savoury, but I think this is simply because I grew up with apple and cinnamon pancakes (or Nutella alternatively).

Pancakes were also one of the first things I attempted making after I went vegan. And yes attempted – I wasn’t really successful in my first attempt 😉

Looking at some standard pancake recipes, most of the ingredients are easy to swap – like swapping the milk for soy milk for example. But when I first went vegan I had no idea what I was doing and struggled with replacing the egg and plenty of my pancakes just broke into pieces when trying to turn them in the pan.


Here are the Ingedrients that I am using today for my pancakes base: 

150 ml soy milk

175ml water

175g plain or selfraising flour

2tbsp chickpea flour

1 tsp bakingpowder

1tbsp sunflower oil (Coconut oil is great for sweet versions!)

pinch of salt


Replacing the egg

In my recipe here, the chickpea flour is replacing my egg as it is helping keeping the dough in one piece. 

There are plenty of ways to replace eggs, here are some of my other favourites:

– Chia: Simply mix a spoon of chia seeds with 2 spoons of water, blend and let it rest for 10 minutes until the seeds have soaked up the liquid.

– Flax Seeds: Simply mix ground flax seeds with water 1-1 and let them rest for about 10 minutes before using.

– Banana: If you are planning on making sweet pancakes, simply mix a ripe banana into your pancake mix! (Also great to fry them in coconut oil!)

The Secret To A Perfect Pancake Batter

The secret to making perfect pancake batter lies in the way you blend your ingredients.  Ideal is to use 2 bowls and blend the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another before slowly combining. This way you avoid any clumps and your batter becomes nice and even.

Once you have completed the batter, leave it to rest for a few minutes, then carefully bump the bowl on your table top a few times. This will release any air that is in your batter and avoid those little holes in your pancakes.

The Secret To A Perfect Pancake Shape

I personally have always wondered about how people making these perfectly round and equal pancakes for a pancake burger (like below) and I was already guessing it was some kind of witchcraft (Seriously, my batter always went in all directions in the pan).

Until I found this trick: Use 2 pans. One tiny one (I got mine in Ikea for £4) and one big one. Pour the batter into the small pan to fry and when it is time to turn the pancake – flip it into the big pan. Et voila: Perfectly round and equal pancakes!

Patent Pending.

Vegan Blogger UK | Vegan Pancakes Recipe



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