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OH MY DAYS. My first time at Vegan Nights… and I don’t even know where to start. I am sure if you’ve ever been before, you can surely absolutely understand my feeling of overwhelm. SO MUCH AMAZING FOOD. And all vegan. Hello 2018, I have arrived.

It seems like it was just yesterday when I went vegan from one day to another… now it’s already 4.5 years ago and such a vegan food feast has been unthinkable even back then (yes and even in London!). How have vegans been able to get on with things 20 years ago?! Madness.

If you are following me on Instagram and watch my stories on there, you have probably seen the food coma that I have gone into that evening, cause I did not only eat from 1 or two stalls – no, it had to be 7! Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read that right: 7 full meals.

And luckily my office crew was tagging along, cause on my own I would have never managed to finish that much food (and you might know that I’m totally against wasting any!)

I honestly wouldn’t have believed how big the venue actually was. First launched in 2017 the venue for Vegan Nights has been growing every month – the demand is just so big! I actually nearly went to the first ever Vegan Nights, but upon arrival we saw the 1 mile long queue around two blocks and knew there was no chance. Little did I know how amazing & magical this place is!

Work done for the day, through security, into the festival, 7 stalls on my list & an ice-cold Pimm’s in my hand I was determined: I can do this! And we spotted the first stop of the night pretty much right away: Jakes Vegan Steaks!

1. Jake’s Vegan Steaks

Now, I have tried some food from these guys before, but for the love of god – I can’t remember where. Was it maybe Vegfest 2-3 years ago? Not sure, but the name was definitely a known one!

For Vegan Nights they were offering absolutely bangin’ steak sandwiches and it was clear which one I would order: the one with avocado of course! With the name ‘Californian’ this sandwich was the absolute bomb and I couldn’t have asked for the better start to the food coma night! But have a look for yourself below (caution: might cause serious craving, if hungry!)

2. Eat Chay

The queue in front of Eat Chat was already speaking thousand words: this is the stuff! Luckily I had been in touch with them beforehand – there would have been no way for me to make it through 7 stalls throughout the evening with those queues!

I did actually come to the stall to try out their infamous buns, but was quickly convinced to try their Banh Mi Baguette instead – and OH BOY. That had a real good kick to it! Now I’m a person that hardly ever eats spicy as my stomach simply can’t handle spice (hey I grew up in Germany… blame my parents ;))

The Banh Mi was a pure flavour explosion and I can’t remember ever having something just like it – a pure treat for the eve as I love trying new foods! My colleague Raks was also particularly happy  as he got to finish this spicy goodness – he grew up with a lot of Indian food and he could simply describe the Banh Mi as ‘a bit tangy’, ha!

3. Arancini Brothers

Life’s irony: I had never eaten at Arancini Brothers before this week, and then I had it twice within 2 days. Coincidentally my office ordered at Arancini Brothers for lunch the day before the event – but this was also awesome for me as I got to try two different meals from them within 2 days 😉

For Vegan Nights the Arancini Brothers had created little Risotto ball pots – with pure #foodporn factor! I went for their summer bowl – I simply read ‘avocado’ and was sold on this one right away (yes, I am that easy!)

The bowl consisted of fries at the bottom, 3-4 Arancini balls on top, loaded with avocado & salsa and finished off with some crunchy onions – or in short: everything I love in a purely delightful meal! I think it’s time for me to go visit their restaurant in Kentish Town – especially after I now also found out that they’re doing brunch there (I know, right?!) Will keep you updated on this 😉

4. Vegan Yes

Now, this was an intriguing one when I read about them on the stalls list prior to the event: a Korean & Italian fusion definitely sounded interesting and I simply had to stop by and see it with my own eyes!

Vegan Yes were actually playing a local gig at Vegan Nights, as their restaurant is located just outside on Brick Lane. For the eve I went with their Bibimbap box – a traditional Korean dish, that I heard of before, but never had it myself. What I did know in advance was that I love Korean seasoned rice ever since my friend Emma made some for me a few weeks back – so I couldn’t go wrong with Bibimbap.

And I was not disappointed – amazingly flavoured rice surrounded by pickles & delicious Kimchi! I feel like I should be learning a couple of words in Korean now, just to be able to express how tasty it was 😉

5. The Green Grill

Okay it would be a lie if I said I only tried new foods at Vegan Nights cause I already knew the guys from the Green Grill and I knew: this was gonna be good!

To be precise: I had my first Green Grill burger 4 days prior to Vegan Nights at the Brighton Vegan Summer Fest! And yes, I totally ordered the same burger again, it was just that good. This one is called their “Green Monster” and the size of it truly does give its name justice.

The patty is actually created with Matcha – hence the green colour, but don’t worry: the bun doesn’t taste like your morning tea 😉 Can’t wait to stumble across these guys at the next vegan event again – you know what I’ll be looking out for!

6. One Planet Pizza

And with all the food porn of the night, one thing was not allowed to be left out: PIZZA! I have been dying to get my hands on a slice from One Planet Pizza. Whenever I have seen their stalls at events, they were already packed with people and queues and or even sold out by the time I got there. But not this time ha – success!

Yes, I do openly admit that I like pineapple on pizza (oh gosh, I hope I’m not sparking a debate here!) – it’s simply called ‘Hawaii pizza’ and if you have a problem with that, then Sayonara, cause I don’t have time for such negativity 😉

The crust of the One Planet Pizza was simply amazing and the perfect cheese-crust ratio also (omg I do not like vegan pizza that’s lacking vegan cheese on top!) I definitely know that I’ll be picking this one up next time I see them in store.

They also gave me a frozen one to take home and I went for their mushroom pizza, which was super tasty also (and yes I regret that I had to share it! ;))

7. Hell Yum

The perfect finale of the night to round up all dishes of the night was provided by Hell Yum, who create vegan cookies & ice cream. Their stall was super busy when I got there, but I still managed to snatch the last bit of their peanut butter ice cream (OMG!) and also their chocolate mint flavoured ice cream – and two cookies.

And voila – I quickly mastered it all into a cookie sandwich, which took dessert to a whole new level (I’m no innovative, haha) Personal favourite was definitely their salted peanut butter ice cream (I mean it had just sold out – says it all!) but their cookies were a totally different dimension of awesome – super soft and gooey, just as I like them. Kinda reminded me of the cookies that Subway used to do in Germany (Do they still do that? Do they have cookies in the UK too, or is that just another weird German thing again?! Oh well, I’m completely out of the Subway game!) Basically: I lived for these cookies in high school and these ones from Hell Yum were a suitable Throwback Thursday (hey, it was actually on a Thursday!)

The next Vegan Nights is actually happening on 5th July, so don’t be a mob and get yourself down to it for some amazing vegan food all night long – oh and also amazing drinks, ice cream and DJ’s (in case I forgot to mention that part before!)

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