Vegan Meat Replacements – An Opinion

Vegan Meat Replacements have always been a sensitive topic – within the group of vegans as well as between vegans and meat eaters. Ohh the amount of times I have already heard this sentence.

‘You’re not really vegan if you eat meat replacements’

‘Where is the point in being vegan then?’

And just so many more.

And you know what? I have a lot of patience with meat eaters – as usually these questions or comments come from them, but I am honestly getting tired of having to justify my dietary decisions on whether or not to eat Vegan Meat Replacements. But hey – it’s always the vegans forcing their views on everyone else, right? 😉

Well let me ask you a question: if it is so natural to consume meat, then why cannot you not eat it raw? Why do you have to clean it, cook it, season it, etc until you can actually eat it?

The steaks, sausages & co that you are eating are so modified – they do not look like that dead animal anymore, that you are actually eating. Sausages for example do not remind of the animal in the slightest – they have been so changed, seasoned and re-shaped, they look in no way similar to their origins.

When now something else is put into the sausage shape, does that make it a meat replacement? Is it really pretending to be a dead animal? I doubt it. Isn’t sausage just the way it’s created – the shape? Think about it the next time you ask a vegan that question again.

If you’re calling these products ‘fake meat’ – pretending to be something they’re not, then I honestly ask you why your meat is pretending to be something else than raw, dead flesh.

Let’s have a look at what some of you might like to call ‘fake meat’ or ‘vegan meat replacements’. I have been eating these products since I first went vegan – and oh, I have also tried plenty of terrible ones! But the ones listed below, I came to love and buy regularly – as an easy dinner for when it just has to be a quick one, or for when I simply can’t be bothered to cook (Yes I also have these days ;))


Here are some of my favourite ones (in no particular order):

Oumph Thyme Garlic

1. Oumph! Thyme & Garlic

This one is made of soy protein and has such an incredible texture – just the right amount of chewiness and it gets perfectly crispy in the pan. An amazing flavour explosion and perfect texture!

Luckily Oumph! has just launched 4 different flavours in the UK – available at Whole Foods Market!

See their ingredients & nutritional data here.



Tofurky Spinach Pesto Sausages

2. Tofurky Spinach Pesto Sausages

My all time favourite vegan sausages! And not only in a vegan Sunday fry up.

Linda’s got nothin on these!





Asda Vegan Meatballs3. ASDA Meat Free Meatballs 

Maybe it’s a misconception, but in my mind supermarket’s own brands never convince in taste, so I did not expect much from this product when I first bought it. I basically had just picked it up in a multi-buy offer and thought “oh well, gotta have a quick dinner in the freezer for bad times” and OOOHHH BOY was I mistaken! Such amazing flavour, I myself have no idea how they created this absolute magic!





Quorn Vegan Fishfingers4. Quorn Fishless Fingers

I have to admit I was sceptical at first when this product was launched, but also hopeful… and I was not let down!

To be frankly honest: I have not had any fish fingers in years even before I went vegan, so I probably don’t remember the taste and texture all that accurately.

However, these Fishless Fingers were everything I could have wished for and more! Perfect for a vegan fish finger sandwich, but tbh I love it most in combination with potato mash and vegan mayo, just like mum used to make!

Asda Vegan Mince5. ASDA Meat Free Mince

Yet another great-tasting vegan product from Asda! I had actually bought this once on a random food shop and ate it weeks after I bought it… it tasted so amazing! But I had forgotten where I got it from. It took me ages to find the right one again, but it was definitely worth the search!

I can’t even begin to explain what makes this vegan mince so great… it’s the texture, the flavour… and over all else: the fact that this vegan mince is not dry like hell 😉






Oumph Kebab Spiced6. Oumph! Kebab

You’ll never have to miss the flavour of kebab again! This one is definitely in a flavour-race with their Thyme & Garlic one!






Sgaia Meats Spaeck Charcouterie

7. Sgaia Spaeck

This typical smoky flavour, taking me right back to the mountains of Austria and my parent’s friends’ farm over there. I swear their kitchen was always full of this scent!

Perfect for a German ‘Brotzeit’!




Fry's Family Battered Prawn Style Pieces8. Fry’s Family Battered Prawn Style Pieces

Super crispy and delicious! Actually one of the first vegan seafood replacements I had ever picked up back when I lived in Kingston and Food For Thought was my hood. Also absolutely carnivore approved by Nick.

Great for dipping, but also on it’s own, sprinkled with a little sea salt (Yes I am totally craving these whilst writing this!)




Aaaand if you don’t fancy buying any, there’s still the option to make some yourself – like I did last year in this vegan bacon recipe (I will forever call it ‘Fakon’) video:

I hope you found my take on Vegan Meat Replacements helpful – What are your favourite vegan meat replacements? I’d love to find out your recommendations – tell me in the comments section below!




  1. May 17, 2020 / 2:22 pm

    Thanks for this great article Romy. I totally agree with you that processed food isn’t an issue. Most of my favourite vegan meat replacements are from the Fry’s Family Foods range. Yes, I have the same last name but I’m not related lol… sadly. What do you think about the Beyond Meat range? I was surprised that they still decided to go ahead with their Beyond Breafast Sausage launch in March despite the COVID-19 outbreak. Hopefully it’s just another sign of the strength of demand for vegan meat replacements! 😍

    • romylondonuk
      May 19, 2020 / 12:26 pm

      Hi Penelope, thanks so much for your kind words! Oh I love the Fry’s stuff, their nuggets are the best! The Beyond Meat range is a great quality, though I’m yet to try the breakfast sausage (haven’t spotted it anywhere yet!). It’s quite pricey, so I only rarely buy it as a special treat, ha! So great to see so many vegan launches over the last couple of years – and having major retailers stock them is a great success for making vegan more mainstream 🙂

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