Vegan Brunch at The Spread Eagle (Homerton)

📍224 Homerton High St, London E9 6AS

Nearest Tube: Homerton (Overground)

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What if I told you there was a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday in London? Well, there is – as I found out myself.

The Sunday that I had booked my vegan brunch at The Spread Eagle in Homerton was one of those super grey & super rainy days, and let’s be real: at first I really didn’t wanna have to leave the house on a day like that, but it was oh-so-worth-it, I can tell you!

The Spread Eagle is a 100% vegan pub based in Homerton – just around the corner from Homerton Station which is served by the Overground Line. The pubs kitchen is served by Club Mexicana, who have definitely become a name in the London-Vegan-Foodie Scene over the past two years with their location in Shoreditch, where they serve up delicious, vegan, Mexican inspired food.


Their brunch menu at The Spread Eagle is the latest addition to their vegan foodie spots and I was so excited to go try it out. I mean – who wouldn’t be with a look at that bangin’ menu?


Besides the food menu, they also serve a bunch of Brunch Cocktails, which is already exciting by the name alone (right?!) It’s the perfect excuse to add some booze to the brunch, so me and my friend Lina, who joined me for the brunch, definitely made use of the cocktail offering and managed to try 4 in total before we were both a little tipsy 😉

Here’s what these looked like:

Avocado Colada & Passion Fruit Mamosa

 Coconut Tequila Shrub

 Beetroot Punch


With a look at their food menu I have to admit it was difficult to decide what to go for – so on this occasion, we simply decided to both order a different selection of menu items so we could both try out as much as possible.

In retrospect the vegan Chick’n & Waffles was probably my favourite item on the menu – topped with vegan bacon and maple syrup to drizzle on the side. Yes, I am a sucker for that sweet-salty flavour combination and it simply gets me every time, hence why I loved this dish so much!

The texture combination was perfect with the crispy bacon, soft-on-the-inside-crunchy-on-the-outside waffles, oozy maple syrup & vegan chicken piece, that was also perfectly chewy in the inside – pure flavour explosion right there, and I loved it!

If I had to choose one item to order again, it’d be this one 😉

In addition, we ordered this so-called “Huevos Rancheros”, which is basically a toasted tortilla with a bunch of awesome toppings, such as beans, vegan scramble, guac, vegan sour cream & co. Definitely a great concept and it also tasted very good, but if I can give you one advice: eat it right away when it arrives at the table and don’t wait 30 minutes to photograph all table contents, as the tortilla otherwise soaks up the liquids of the toppings and turns out non-crunchy 😉

If only I’d figured that out upfront, but if you’ve ever gone for a meal with me, you know that the camera session is always up first 😉

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

Last but not least we also ordered the Roasted Roots Bowl, which consisted of a combo of cauliflower, pumpkin & beetroot with added avocado, slaw, salsa and cashews. This one was the perfect lighter brunch option at Club Mexicana – very delicious, especially with added tempeh & the added mango in their salsa (this was Lina’s favourite!)

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

But that was not all! There’s also some amazing sides available, such as these Triple Fried Potatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Wedges, which are currently on their autumn menu, and I honestly fell in love with them! They were served with vegan sour cream, coriander and lime – for a perfect zing!

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton


Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

For dessert we tried out their lemon & blueberry taco stack, which consist of 3 crunchy tacos, layered with lemon creme in the middle, vanilla cream on the outside and blueberries added to it. My honest opinion: I wasn’t a big fan. Maybe it’s down to personal preference but I think there was way too much vanilla cream in this dessert and I also found it difficult to eat as the filling is soft and creamy, but the tacos quite tough to get through with a spoon or fork.

Club Mexicana The Spread Eagle Vegan Brunch Homerton

Definitely looking forward to trying some other dessert options here next time – how about some churros? That would have been the perfect end to our Sunday brunch 😉

Anyhow – we both ended up in an absolute food coma after out visit at The Spread Eagle (which you can probably tell by looking at all of these photos!


Will definitely go back to brunch to this place! It was the most perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday and definitely worth the travel – as I live in West London it took me nearly 2 hrs to get here 😉

Loved the mains, sides and brunch cocktails, but the desserts can still do with some work in my opinion. Can’t wait to see what will be on their winter menu!

Visit the website if you want to find out more about Club Mexicana or The Spread Eagle.


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