The Lodge Space Yoga Studio Review

It’s weird, but I don’t actually remember the very first time I’ve done Yoga too well, but I do remember that I had the odd class in PE in school a long time ago and when I did my first class in one of my previous gyms, I massively did my back in and then avoided it for a long time thinking it’s no good for me.

Looking back at that now I totally realisethat I simply overdid it that time – heading straight into a regular yoga class instead of going for the beginners class yet (yup, these classes exist for a reason!) and I am sure as everything looked so easy, I probably thought I needed to proof that I can do it all right away (I’m sure everyone who’s ever done a gym class remembers that anxious feeling when going for the very first time!)

All in all my first experience with Yoga could have been better, but I am super happy I found my love at second sight through going to a Body Balance class (which is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates!) It was probably a much better way to start as I slowly build up some strength through the class without overdoing it right away.

In retrospect it would have been more ideal to start my yoga journey in a specialised yoga studio – through the last year I have been trying out classes in multiple London based yoga studios and I can definitely feel the difference in the quality of the classes and the assistance the teachers give to each participant.

In May I actually got to try out a lovely yoga studio that combines two of my loves: Yoga and food!

Based just around the corner from Canada Water The Lodge Space consists of a beautiful café with open kitchen (oh and the most beautiful wooden decor!), a beautiful garden area (pure outdoor zen!) and a couple of wonderful studios & treatment rooms. The studio I was at even had a beautiful view out into the green, an amazing view for a morning yoga session!

I actually visited the studio for a Sunday morning Vinyasa Flow session – and the studio was not the only thing that was new to me: it was also my first ever yoga session with a male teacher! And I never even realised that really – or thought about it until I came to this session. Seriously: more of this please! Yoga is for everyone, girls, boys, men, women (or whatever else you might identify as) 🙂

I’m so happy to see the progress that I have made with Yoga since first starting to make it a regular workout 3 years ago.

Especially my thirty day yoga challenge in January got my flexibility to the next level. If you’ve never done one of these challenges I can only recommend them – I’m sure you’ll feel amazing when you make yoga a regular habit! Just don’t jump straight into a challenge like it if you’re completely inexperience with it (yep, totally hinting at my early start/mistakes here!)

I have always been a little bit of a stretchy person (is that a thing?): as a young kid I did dancing from ages 3 to 8 and I learning it from such a young age made me actually enjoy stretching exercises. I even do stretching exercises subconsciously- be it at work or in front of the TV. I’m sure these stretches can look funny at times when I’m not aware I’m doing it ha

Though I’ve been doing this for my entire life, through Yoga I found out that there’s been body parts I’ve always left out when stretching – whilst my legs and arms are pretty flexible, my core can actually do with more flexibility and so I’ve made this a current focus when I pick my yoga poses for my home sessions.

But let’s get back to my Yoga session at The Lounge Space! Totally loved getting up and out early on Sunday morning for such a zen session – the studio was overlooking the park and the weather happened to be absolutely stunning, which absolutely helped taking my mind off my busy work week.

The studio has actually been there for about a year already – and it’s a completely independent studio. They offer more than 50 classes per week and roughly 30 different types of classes overall.

In addition you can also book great treatments with them, such as Reiki or Massages (oh I’m so getting one next time!)

If – like me – you’d like to try out a class, there’s great news: the first class is completely free!

Afterwards you can either drop into a class for £15, purchase multiple classes at once (which comes out cheaper, eg 4 classes a month for £40) or choose an unlimited classes package for £80 a month – something here for everyone!

And after a morning class, how about some brunch? Well luckily their café has a great selection available – with a couple of yummy vegan options also!

Personal favourite tip from me: on a beautiful morning, definitely enjoy the breakfast in their little garden! I absolutely loved the stillness there, a great place to get your post-yoga zen mode on whilst enjoying some tasty goodness 😉

If you’d like to find out more about The Lodge Space, feel free to visit their website here: https://thelodge.space/

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