The Best Vegan Lunch Party – La Belle Assiette Review

It seems to be a February thing because it’s been exactly a year since the lovely Tomi from The Vegan Nigerian came around my house to cook a wonderful dinner for me and a couple of friends… only this time around it’s been another vegan chef creating the magic in my kitchen: Hanna!

As La Belle Assiette contacted me once again to host a dinner party for their new chef Hanna from Sticky Toffee Tofu I just couldn’t say no (I mean, who could?!). This time around I decided to invite my fellow co-workers from Mr Organic and turn it all into a team event to have some wonderful food together – and we were definitely not disappointed!

Hanna has worked in 2 Michelin-star kitchens before and I got super excited when I read this on her La Belle Assiette profile – a Michelin-Star chef in my kitchen!

Hanna mainly focuses on free from cuisine and has been working freelance for the past months, looking after catering for private parties such as my little dinner-do. Well I have to admit we scheduled our get-together for 1pm on a Saturday, so I’m not quite sure if that counts as a dinner-do but for the purpose of easy naming here, I’ll just keep on calling it that, if that’s okay? (Tbf if it’s not: I couldn’t care less! :P)

La Belle Assiette Review

La Belle Assiette Review

La Belle Assiette Review

La Belle Assiette Review

What is La Belle Assiette? Originally a French company (who would’ve guessed!)  La Belle Assiette launched in the Uk in 2016. They are a platform for booking a professional chef to come to your house and cook for your dinner party- with plenty of different chefs and cuisines to choose from. What a wonderful concept! And truly great if you want to be able to enjoy your own dinner party rather than having to multitask and rush around in the kitchen whilst your guests are waiting for food and trying to socialise at the same time. As part of the deal, the chosen chef creates a bespoke menu according to your foodie desires, buys all the ingredients and comes to your house prepared to whizz up the last bits to create stunning dishes. Oh and they also tidy up the kitchen after – so no mess left behind and you can enjoy that vino without worrying about the aftermath.

Menus offered are usually 3-4 courses depending on the chef and cuisine and the price is calculated per person on the La Belle Assiette website, so you know it exactly what it will cost you upfront.

Whilst Hanna is not vegan herself, she specialises in catering for veggie/vegan and food intolerances and creates all items on her menu from scratch – and from organic produce. For our little party we got to enjoy a wonderful meal that started off with absolutely amazing handmade bread and the tastiest vegan butter I’ve tried to date!

Hanna brought all the ingredients and prepared items to arrange and finalise all dishes in my kitchen. We were really amazed at how much work she had put into the menu – everything came with such attention to detail, such as these super cute & tiny bread canapes. Aren’t these miniature creations adorable? Super tasty also!

For a started Hanna served us a delicious and moorish celeriac soup topped with mushrooms and nuts. I never knew celeriac could be so tasty! I definitely need to convince Hanna to give me the recipe as I totally need to re-create this gorgeous soup 😉

For the main dish we got to try these wonderfully roasted veggies – eat the rainbow they say! And so we did 😉

The dessert that Hanna created for us was definitely an absolute stunner! Just look that this perfect slice of chocolate praline! Pure perfection! It was served with raspberry sorbet and orange, which was all round the perfect combination and addition to the menu.

It was once again a wonderful experience to have a professional chef cook in my own home – and that feeling of being able to sit down and enjoy with your guests instead of rushing around in the kitchen is definitely priceless! Oh and if that wasn’t enough: They also tidy up the kitchen afterwards, so I was left with an absolutely spotless kitchen after this lunch party – divine!

If you’d like to find out more about Hanna and her amazing recipes, feel free to visit her blog Sticky Toffee Tofu and if you’d like to book your own chef experience visit La Belle Assiette.


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