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When a new vegan restaurant opens in town, you’re not only going once – but twice within a week, right?

Well I think this should definitely a standard procedure cause Nick and me have literally just done so when Tell Your Friends opened its doors in Fulham this May.

The restaurant is a creation by the Watson family – including Lucy Watson, who’s also published a vegan cook book last year, and her sister Tiffany, who has kindly invited us along to their restaurant opening party.

I have to admit, the opening party was a bit of a special one – cause it’s not every day that a food blogger gets to walk into a venue past a bunch of paparazzi!

Everyone has been very keen to visit the place we could tell right away, cause the restaurant was absolutely packed for the launch!

With some drinks and finger foods we were definitely hooked to find out more, and Tiffany has kindly invited us back to try out their current dinner menu (excited was an understatement!)

Since the launch party I had my eyes on their Arancini! I surprisingly found out that my mum doesn’t know what these are, so in case your wondering also: arancini are an Italian speciality (if the name doesn’t hint that already ;)) and they are basically a ball of risotto, sometimes with a filling in the middle, breaded and deep fried. But have yourself a look at the pictures I took upon our visit – it’ll give you an idea what these look like.

At the launch party I basically had a mini version of one of these and it tasted so fantastic and totally blew my mind! So I had to try the full version upon our return to the restaurant – and it did not disappoint one bit!

Perfectly round and crispy on the outside – whilst moorish and creamy on the inside – ladies and gentleman, this is the first ever 10/10 I’m giving for a dish – as these Arancini have simply blown me away! Please promise me to try them when you  visit TYF, okay? šŸ˜‰

(Btw I am totally craving them again just thinking about them and looking at the photos whilst I write this…)

As it was both Nick and me going, we decided it would be best to both order 2 separate starters, so that we would get to share and try more of the menu (though I totally didn’t feel like sharing that heavenly arancini!)

Nick himself chose Mac & Cheese as a starter – he likes to stick with versions of known foods whilst I’m a little more adventurous with the dishes I choose at restaurants šŸ˜‰

The mac & cheese were super tasty also – with their perfectly creamy sauce and I have to admit that I found it difficult to figure out if the cheese sauce was starch based or not. I’m usually the perfect spotter for starch based mac & cheese (probably because I don’t like my cheese sauce to be made from potato & carrot), but this one was difficult to figure out as it didn’t taste starchy – but also wasn’t like the non-starch cheese sauce I make myself at home. Mac and cheese – a mystery!

If someone solves it, I’d love to find out šŸ˜‰

I was definitely a big fan of the topping on the mac and cheese – as I only had a little bit of the dish, I’m finding it difficult to remember if I tasted sweet potato or butternut squash on the top – but I do remember that it gave the perfect sweet/salty combination with the mac & cheese.

I could honestly go on to write an entire post just about how much I liked the Arancini, but let’s move onto the mains, shall we?

Proving the pure difference between Nick and me once more: he went with the Fish & Chips, whilst I ordered the Tamari Miso Smoked Mushrooms.

The fish & chips were created from aubergine (or eggplant if you’re reading this from the US ;)) – something that I had tried myself at home before and I can tell you, it’s a super tasty replacement! Of course I don’t have a proper fryer at home, so my own creation of this dish doesn’t even get close to how amazing the one at TYF was!

The ‘fish’ slice was served with the classics: peas, thick cut chips and a vegan tartare sauce that was made from cashews – something that I am itching to re-create myself after trying it here.

The aubergine was perfectly cooked – crispy on the outside whilst having the perfect smooth texture on the inside – and this Tartare sauce was the perfect fit.

The Tamari Miso Smoked Mushrooms that I had ordered were definitely next level amazing! Whilst the portion size was not massive for a main, it was definitely more than satisfying in flavour! The pan-fried king oyster mushrooms had the most incredible texture – and made it clear to me: I definitely need to get some oyster mushrooms on my next food shop! The tamari miso glaze gave the perfect tangy-sweet flavour to the mushrooms that was simply incredible.

The mushrooms were served alongside asparagus and a creamy garlic truffle mash, which initially had caught my eye when I had chosen this dish from the menu. I admit that I am an absolute addict to anything truffle flavoured – I can’t believe I had never had it up until 3 years ago!

The marriage of garlic and truffle in this mash was truly amazing and I think we should start campaigning for more restaurants to add anything truffle flavoured to their menu!

Thinking it all couldn’t get any better – we were proven wrong after we ordered dessert and this beautiful peanut butter blondie with nicecream came our way! Yes, peanut butter. Enough said yes? I was definitely convinced to order this one right away. As Nick and me were sharing dessert, I was lucky that he ‘was too full’ already (his own words), because Nick doesn’t like peanut butter, so blondie it was for me!

And you know what? After I had started eating it, this cheeky one started digging in and eating half of the blondie also! I thought you didn’t like peanut butter, ay? This was definitely a first and just goes to show how good it was. Super moist & juicy, served still warm (omg, right!) with crunchy nuts and melting banana ice cream – pure yum & we couldn’t have had a better finish to the meal!

Oh and did I mention yet that TYF also do cocktails? Their drinks menu in general is quite wide spread – so there’s something for everyone included, whether you love a refreshing cocktail, are a wine connoisseur or come from the matcha latte front.

Tell Your Friends has definitely become my favourite restaurant find for this year so far – and it’ll be a hard nut to crack for any other restaurant that I will be trying this year.

If you end up going – let me know what you think! And also if you get to try any other amazing dishes from their menu that I should definitely try out next time – I’d love to find out as I will definitely be going back!


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