Simple vegan summer snacks

Summer and snacking? HELL YEAH!

Oh and ‘hi everyone’ of course – I got a little too excited after that headline 😉

We had a good heatwave in London this year (a little too warm for my liking!) and summer is not quite finished yet for 2016 – so I thought I’d show you my favourite, refreshing and yes – vegan – summer treats!

It being the warm time of the year, even in London, I am usually craving something fresh, but I also cannot resist a sweet treat… and as some of you may already know: I like experimenting and being creative with my food. It seems my mum didn’t tell me well enough not to play with my food 😉

Simple vegan popsicles

Now this is one for those who like it easy and simple! The magic lies in the banana, which tastes amazingly creamy from frozen and has an irresistable natural sweetness to it !

What you need:

– 1 banana

– vegan chocolate (melted)

– wooden skewers

– decoration (such as nuts!)

What to do:

1. Peel the banana and cut it in half.

2. Stick each half on a skewer and cover in melted chocolate.

3. Dribble over your decoration (optional).

4. Out the banana popsicles in a standing up position on a piece of aluminium foil and set them in the freezer.

You can already enjoy your banana-sicles after 30 minutes – but you can also keep them in the freezer for a few days (even weeks!). If you do so, leave them out for 10 minutes first before eating.

Vegan Blogger UK | Vegan popsicles

Easy Tropical Smoothie

Kiwi kisses soy milk with this creamy and refreshing smoothie! I actually got the idea from a smoothie that Alpro had posted on their instagram and I had to try it out right away!

What you need:

– 2-3 kiwis

– 1 banana

– 300ml soy milk

What to do: BLEND! 😉

Kiwi Smoothie

Let me introduce: Watermelon Pizza!

This recipe idea is very simple and straight forward: Cut a round slice out of your watermelon, top with your favourite fruits and drizzle on your favourite chocolate sauce (or melt chocolate if you feel fancy)

And most importantly: STAY HYDRATED!

People easily underestimate how important hydration is for the health of your body, especially in warm (and sweaty) temperatures. I always ensure to carry a bottle of water – it’s great to have in case your tube decides to get stuck in the heat halfway to the office 😉

I like to add fresh fruit in different variations to my water during the warm time of the year  – for that extra refreshing kick. My favourite options are lemon and cucumber (see below) but my special treat is lemon, strawberry and basil (YUM!)

Lemon Water

Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of our summer, people! Soon enough it will pass and everyone will start moaning about rainy weather again… 😉


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