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Welcome to 2017 & first of all: Happy New Year, my dear readers!

Wow, another year over… the months seem to be speeding up with every year  – I mean: 2017?! Wow.

I still remember those childhood days, where I heard the grown ups say ‘time flies quicker every year’ and I always thought they were just trying to be funny.

But hey: They were right, this is exactly what it feels like.

I once heard someone explain that this phenomenon is simply existing, because the older you get, the smaller each year will seem compared to your entire life span. Seems logical, but let us not spend too much of our valuable time thinking about it – otherwise 2017 will be over before we realise it 😉

New Year, New Me?!

And no: this will not be a post about New Year’s resolutions. I have never been a fan of these, because let’s be honest: the new year is just a new date on the calendar, and the calendar is a completely man-made invention. Way too many people make resolutions that are not realistic for them to stick to, and I really don’t want my plans for 2017 to be of short duration.

For me a new chapter now opens, simply because I have finished a big project with December 2016 and I am happy that I can finally tell you: I HAVE WRITTEN MY FIRST BOOK.

Yes, you read that right: I have spent weeks and months to write my first cook book – and you can’t guess how difficult it was, not to tell you everything about it whilst I was doing it!

My first cook book!

Will I ever do it again? Oh well… I am sure, anyone who has ever written a book or attempted to do so, will agree with me: ‘never again!’. I still cannot believe that I actually managed to finish it all on time… Considering that I had to cook, photograph, edit, write and design everything all by myself, as I have written this cook book completely self-managed. I had set myself a tight deadline, simply as I had decided to hand the first copy over to my dear mother for Christmas. This was also the main reason why I did not want to tell you upfront – cause my mum would have read it here or on Instagram and the surprise would have been ruined. (Yes, my mum has instagram!)

Currently I have only written the book in German. My mum does speak English as well, but she is just not as fluent, so I wrote all recipes in German for her sake. Whether I will get the book translated? That is the plan – though I am not entirely sure when I will get around to doing so. I hope you can understand that I wish to have a little of a writing break after this massive project 😉

But don’t worry: As soon as it will be available in English, my dear readers will be the first to know!

My plans for 2017

With the end of this huge project, I have taken a few weeks time off – in order to recharge my creative batteries and take some time planning my next steps with this blog. For 2017 my blog content will slightly change. There will still be plenty of recipes, but on top of that I have decided to get a little more personal with my readers and include more content about myself, my plans, ideas and motivations rather than just food posts.

I hope I can manage to make it a good mix and you won’t get too bored with my simple life 😉

I am always happy to take on some ideas and constructive critics, so please feel free to let me know your honest opinions of my idea. If you have anything that you would really like to see on my blog – please send me a message! I am very grateful to know what my readers would like to see more of – because you are the ones that keep my blog running and I thank you eternally for your support ❤️️


Romy xx


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