Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival London

Feeling super zen today after yesterday’s trip to Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Kensington Olympia. It’s been a truly amazing experience and I feel blessed to be able to do these wonderful things through my blog! Thanks a million to the Health Bloggers Community and the organisers of the festival for having my friend & yoga teacher Purdy and me around!

I seriously can’t believe I’ve never been before – it’s been on since 1977 after all and I’ve been living in London since 2012, but oh well, in such a big city there’s always new things to explore and I’m glad that it was my time to explore Mind, Body, Spirit!

One of my favourite experiences from yesterday was definitely having my aura photograph taken. It’s something I’ve always found interesting as I am convinced that every being is surrounded by their own energy field and it was super interesting to have my aura analysed yesterday!

There was a lot of red, orange and purple tones on my aura photograph – Apparently I have a lot of energy, willpower and determination, which can also lead to impatience and frustration at times. The purple showed that I have great intuition, that I’m able to read the moment and other people and also take decisions more easily. The photograph also showed a gap in the surrounded colours which showed that I am detached from my future at the moment and hesitant to make the next step towards where I see my future.
To be honest, this reading couldn’t have been more accurate and I felt totally overwhelmed by hearing this analysis from another person. The reader also assured me that I should not be afraid to take the next step as it will lead to great fulfilment in my life.
I’m so glad I got to get this aura photography done – it is now placed in my bedroom, opposite my bed and will always remind me of the ladies words.

It’s a shame that the technology for this aura photography will die out soon as Fujifilm has stopped producing the film that’s required for the camera technology. It may have been the last time that they’re able to offer it at Mind Body Spirit this year – fingers crossed that the film will last for another year. I’d love to go back to see how my aura changes by then!

Another highlight was the workshop that Purdy and me had booked with Yogi Ashokananda. It was a Prana Kriya Yoga session which focuses mostly on the breath and releasing tension from the different Chakras.

It sounds super easy when I say it like this, but believe me: it really wasn’t. It’s incredible how difficult it can be to focus on a particular breathing pattern whilst you’re doing an exercise or a certain flow of movements.

During lots of the breathing exercises we had to hold our breath both before breathing in and after, and I can tell you it’s super difficult not to breathe in or our accidentally whilst following the movements. We’re so used to just breathing subconsciously all the time, that we don’t really pay attention to it. Something interesting that Yogi said during our session was that he believes that every being has a certain amount of breaths in this life and that life can be prolonged by slowing down our breath, which also slows down our heart rate, blood flow, metabolism and more. He said that some well practised yogis even manage to only breathe in & out 20-30 times an hour – that’s incredible right?
I can tell you: I’m far off, but I feel that the exercises truly released some trapped air & tensions from my lungs and breathing muscles as my breath has since been feeling so much easier and more effective (if that’s a thing?)

There are also plenty of other workshops & classed available at Mind Body Spirit Festival – everything from Yoga to meditation, talks and food related classes and the festival is currently still on tomorrow and Monday, so plenty of time to go 😉

I also have to admit that I probably spent too much money at the event – there was simply so many wonderful things to see and try that I could not not take some of them home!

I got my feet scanned for example – and found out that the positioning of my feet is actually not as bad as I thought. So I thought: better keep it that way – and bought some Barefoot Shoes from Vivobarefoot.

We’ve had a lovely chat with them at their stall and it was interesting to find out so much about what a wrong foot positioning can damage in your muscles and bones in the long run. Did you know that the bridge of your foot is supposed to carry the weight also when taking a step? Oh, and also your big toe – it’s just that modern shoes are always rounded up at the front and so our feet deform when we wear them for a long time. The weight distribution of our feet is completely out of balance and can cause harm to our ankles, knees, hips and more. Crazy how much influence our feet have on our body!

Here’s a picture of the shoes I got from them:

I obviously also could not say no to getting some more books… anyone who’s known me for a while probably knows that I’m obsessed with spiritual and self-help books and have been since my teacher introduced me to Dan Millman‘s books when I was 16. Alongside a couple of other books I picked up ‘Light is the new black’ by Rebecca Campbell – I had already heard of her book as I’ve recently listened to Lavendaire’s podcast interview with her – so this book directly caught my eye.

I also got these oracle with it – they were just too beautiful to leave them behind and I can’t wait to find out how to use them.

Some of the other interesting things we’ve spotted at Mind Body Spirit:

– A Pandora star which is created from multiple LEDs that flicker light frequencies onto your closed eyes and can create a firework of colours in your brain

– An entire tent full of psychics that focus on different readings or topics – everything from hand reading to astrology. You can simply walk up to the tent and read about each one of them – and then book a slot with them right away.

– A floating bed with integrated water massage that can stimulate different nerves in your body – also with integrated light & sound effects which in combination can bring you into a transcendental state.

– A silent disco where everyone is free to express themselves with dance in whatever way they like (oh and why not get glitter make up from the girls at Kitty Kat beforehand? That’s what Purdy and me did!)

– Delicious vegan & raw food by Inspiral (their open sandwich looked fantastic and they also have sweet treats on offer)

– An entire spa integrated in the festival to get your zen going!

– Plenty of stockists with yoga gear, essential oils, beautiful jewellery, crystals, books (my weakness!) and so much more!

Also some other items I’ve picked up:

This beautiful charm which I added to an ankle bracelet.

These grounding & protection crystals.

And this wonderful diffusor for my essential oils which I got from the Neal’s Yard stall at the event.

I’ll hopefully be back there for another day this weekend, simply as there’s so much to see and take in that I feel one day was not enough (despite being there for 9 whole hours!)

You can find more info about the festival here and also book your tickets online here.


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