Just V Show London 2016

Hi everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather just as much as I am!

If you have been online this week, you have probably seen that I uploaded my first Vlog about the Just V Show…no? Well, then it’s about time to get off Pokemon Go and watch it here:

I attended the Just V Show for 2 days last weekend and what I can say: It has been amazing.

A BIG THANK YOU to Helen and her team for organising this event as part of the allergy/free from show at Kensington Olympia.

The doors opened around 11 am each day during the 3 day period that it was running (it started on Friday 8th July already!) Sadly I had to miss out on the first day due to work commitments – it was a Friday after all.

I would have loved to see the talks of my friends Chris Hines (watch a recording of his speech here) and Deni Kirkova, but I will be seeing them both again at Vegfest London later this year.

Saturday was a busy visit at Just V Show for me as I had planned to attend multiple talks and cookery shows (with Frances Quinn!). My favourite talk that day was definitely from Plantbased Pixie – if you are not following her yet, you should defo start to!

Next to all of the awesome food tasters, the Blogger Meetup (as organised by Helen and her team) was a successful highlight and I got to meet a bunch of fellow vegan/health bloggers, such as Rachel and Cassandra who straight away urged me to join the Health Bloggers Community online and invited me to join them going to their London based event in August – looking forward to that already now!

If you want to have a look at all of the great food I tried at the Just V Show and all of the great brands that were present at Kensington Olympia, make sure to check my vlog above  – and please don’t judge me for the amount of food, vodka and chocolate that were consumed on those 2 days 😉

If you have missed my recent recipe on how to roast an artichoke, you can still find it here.

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