June Favourites

Oh hey June! Another month gone by? Crazy, it all went in the blink of an eye!

Welcome back to my monthly favourites! This month’ list is an extended one – simply as I got to try so many amazing new products that I’d love to share with you!

Some of you may have spotted a couple of products already on my Instagram story as I received the most gorgeous vegan hamper in May – full of tasty vegan chocolates & beauty product! I had asked you guys whether you’d like to find out more and read some reviews of the items I received – so I have included them in my monthly favourites, here we go! 😉

1. Live Innermost Protein Powder

When you find the one – never let it go! Talking about protein powder here of course 😉 over the years I’ve tried my fair share of yucky, dusty protein powders, so I’ve gotten very cautious with trying new ones (understandably!). This one by Live Innermost however got me convinced to give it a go – and I was not let down!

This one has easily become my favourite protein powder now – it tastes just like a vanilla milkshake and on top of that is also fortified with some additional nutrition, more than worth it!

2. Vivo Barefoot

Ever heard of barefoot shoes? I actually have before –  a German Youtuber that I am following mentioned them in one of her videos last year and I was kinda intrigued, however the shoes she was raving on about also had divided toes and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that, ha!

At Mind Body Spirit I bumped into the guys from Vivo Barefoot however and got myself these totally stylish & comfy barefoot shoes. I also got my feet & my weight distribution scanned and was actually quite surprised that my foot positioning was pretty good! I was always convinced that my left foot is a bit off when walking.

The main reason for barefoot shoes is that it resembles a more natural way of walking whilst keeping your soles safe from anything on the ground. They also stimulate the senses on the soles of your feet which are otherwise numbed over the years with thick soles of commercial shoes. Oh and did you know that your big toe is supposed to hold part of the weight on your feet? However our feet are getting deformed as commercial shoes are usually slightly bend upwards at the toes.

When wearing fashionable shoes for your entire life, it can seriously damage your ankles, knees, back and other joints as well as muscles in your body and cause irreparable damages.

As my feet still looked alright on the scanner (though I also did not have my big toes carrying any weight!) I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry and got myself a pair for preventative measures 😉

Vivo Barefoot Shoes Review

3. Soto Essential Oil Diffuser

Oh the awkward moment when you’ve gotten rid of the packaging and have no idea what the brand was called… yup, that’s me with this stylish diffuser that I picked up from the Neal’s Yard stall at Mind Body Spirit in May. Luckily Google could help out and I realised that the brand is actually called ‘Soto‘!

I’ve been seriously happy since this one got added to the inventory of our apartment – super simple to use and handle and I can finally & safely diffuse my essential oils in the flat. This goodie also includes changing colours & automatically turns off when the water supply runs low. It also comes with a night setting with blue light, so you can easily diffuse some calming essential oils in your bedroom.

4. ‘Light is the New Black’ by Rebecca Campbell

New editions to the book shelf! I have to admit that I am absolutely addicted to book shops. Even as a kid I could spend hours in there and it’s no different today.

One of this month’ additions is ‘Light is the new black’ by Rebecca Campbell. I’ve made a solid start on the book and am already in love – can’t wait to get on with it!

Along with the book I also purchased these super gorgeous Oracle cards which are inspired by the book. Both super beautiful and inspiring (and not to mention: totally matching my hair colour right now!)

Light is the new black rebecca campbell review


5. Bento Box from Monbento

Lunch at the ready – it’s gonna be all boxed up!

This bento box is absolutely amazing! I actually found it through my pals at Press London, who I regularly photograph for. They’ve just recently added this goodie to their website and send me a version to capture.

The bento box itself consists of two levels, including a little sauce or snack pot. The lids hold on to the boxes with suction and you can easily stack the boxes and carry them along in your bag.

First box reserved for lunch, second for the afternoon snack – getting the combo right here 😉

6. Geo Organics

What a coincidence – cause I actually already used their Thai Green Curry paste and also had an open one in the fridge at the time I received the hamper. It was meant to be!

I love creating Thai Green Curry Soups with this paste, and also a thai green curry dhal, which is kind of a fusion – dhal is Indian after all 😉

I actually didn’t know yet that they also create vegan mayo. As a mayo-person through and through I call myself some kind of vegan-mayo-connoisseur and was therefore super excited to try this one out.

Checking the ingredients I can spot that this one is created without soy and contains apple vinegar – which I can definitely taste in the tanginess of this mayo, not that that’s a bad thing! Definitely love the lightness and fresh taste of the mayo, I’m sure it’ll be great on a potato salad or German pasta salad (yup, that’s made with plenty of mayo!)

Geo Organics Vegan Mayo Review

7. Noughty Haircare

Ladies and gentlemen – we’re moving on to another coincidence cause I’ve already been using the products by Noughty beforehand 😉 however, not their colour bomb range yet, and it couldn’t have been more suitable with my recently pink-refreshed hair dye!

When I first started using their conditioner a few months back my hair first turned a little oily, but it turned out that my hair was simply releasing all the chemicals it had kept from the previous product I used (which was a cheap supermarket brand!)

I’m definitely all over giving healthy & natural options to my hair – I even tried to switch to oatmeal washes for a while last year but realised that I found it very difficult to wash it off the scalp properly and I simply didn’t have that kind of time every day. So long story short: these natural shampoos are a great alternative for giving your hair that special & natural treatment!

Noughty Haircare Colour Bomb Review

8. Tints of Nature

And the hair products keep coming, maybe it’s a sign that I should treat my hair better? 😉 They definitely got my hair needs right by sending me their ‘hydrate’ line – after all the hair dye, my hair tips can definitely do with some good hydration!

I had actually not heard of ‘Tints of Nature‘ before, but what I can tell you is that their website totally reminds me of a German hair product brand – and the weirdest thing about it? I can’t even explain why. It great to see that they work with PETA and have even been certified as cruelty free! More of this please!

Tints of Nature Hydrate Review

9. Green People

I’ve actually had some samples from Green People before as they’ve been at a Health Bloggers event the previous year, and it got me a good chance to try around their product palette. I definitely fell in love with the scent of their Fruit Scrub Exfoliator and was super excited to find out that it was part of this hamper!

Oh and someone could read minds with including sun lotion, it will definitely come in handy in Singapore in September – and fingers crossed that we’ll also need to use it in London before that 😉 But sadly after receiving this one I realised that there was beeswax in this one! They had accidentally sent me the wrong one (their SPF 15 is vegan though!), but well – I’m sure Nick will be happy to use it on holiday this year 😉

I tried out a little of the lotion to see how it’s on the skin compared to another vegan & natural sun lotion that I’ve been using before and I can definitely tell that this one works much better than my previous one – This one soaked into the skin super quickly and didn’t leave a film on the skin either which always bothered me with the other one (seriously, it looked like white clowns make up when trying to use it on the face!). Can’t wait to receive the SPF 15 version and fingers crossed that it’s just as good 😉

The Green People Fruit scrub review


10. Pacari Chocolates

10 products and counting, and I’m not ready to end it yet! 😉

Somehow this brand had totally passed my radar until now and as coincidence wanted it: I ran into their stall at Vegan Summer Festival in Brighton 2 days after receiving these, where I also got to try more of their other flavours (gosh their sea salt chocolate is super tasty also!)

It’s definitely the first lemon flavoured chocolate I’ve come across and I can definitely see the zesty after taste work well on top of an iced coffee this summer!

Pacari Chocolates Review


11. Pana Chocolate

Oh my days! Pretty much every time I see these in store I tell a friend ‘hey that’s my fave chocolate!’ However, despite doing that I don’t recall ever getting some for a birthday… seriously guys, how many hints would you need?

My favourite flavour was not included in the hamper sadly – it’s their cinnamon one! – but I’m super excited to be trying out these other flavours. What I enjoy most about this chocolate is it’s softly melting texture, pure heaven!

The only dilemma: which one to go for first?!

Oh and if you’re looking to order from Pana Chocolate soon, here’s a super handy Pana Chocolate discount code to give you free delivery.


Pana Chocolate Discount Code

12. Esse Skincare

A newbie to the list as I hadn’t seen or tried these before, but the high quality packaging already told me: there’s quality in here!

And the first impression was instantly confirmed when I opened their moisturiser- such sleek and beautiful glass packaging, I could definitely tell someone had put a lot of thought into these – and yes I admit I’m a total sucker for wonderful packaging!

The moisturiser itself was pure bliss: it came with a little spatula and I could instantly tell that this one was super rich! It did however not feel oily on the skin at all and was actually absorbed super quickly. I felt super fancy instantly and a look at the ingredients list confirmed the high quality of the product: finally nothing with ‘water’ listed as main ingredient! Instead aloe vera, which we all know is a great natural moisturiser for your skin. Me likey!

My mum actually studied cosmetics when she was young and she always preached that a cream with water listed as first ingredient can’t give the skin the moisture that it needs and I’ve been religiously spotting these out since I was about 13 years old, but this one clearly passed the test!

Esse Skincare Review


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