There are so many wonderful words in the German language that don’t have an equivalent in English. ‘Fernweh’ is one of my favourites.

If you had to find a similar word in English ‘wanderlust’ probably comes closest to the meaning of Fernweh.

But Fernweh goes even further, it means longing to visit a place (or places) that you’ve never been to before. It’s like missing something you’ve never known/seen before. You can probably tell why the Germans felt the need to find a word for that feeling as it’s so complicated to describe – after all having a word for it makes it so much easier 😉

I’ve always longed to see & visit places I’ve never been to before, Fernweh pretty much describes me & I can very much identify with it.

As a kid I was always fascinated by America, most of all: New York. This city simply fascinated me, despite the fact thay I had never – and to this day still haven’t – been there. As a teenager my room was plastered in New York calendars & posters and oh I was so jealous when my friend Mona got to go in middle school. I even had a Hard Rock Cafe shirt from New York that someone brought for me from their holiday travels, and I kept this shirt as if it was sacred.

Now looking back at it, it almost sounds crazy how obsessed I was with the place I’ve never even seen with my own eyes. I was constantly imagining and daydreaming about living there.

Nowaways my ‘Fernweh’ moments have very much evolved from just fantasizing about a single place. Today I constantly daydream of going to places all over the globe, and to be honest: I’m still overdue doing so. In fact, I have never even left the European continent in my entire life. Plenty of my friends have gone on a gap year – either right after school or after uni. I think moving to London was my kindof act of a Fernweh feeling – and my replacement of what others did for a gap year, though I have never had any intentions of London just being a stop-over for me. London was different, I really found myself in this hectic place and for the first time, felt at home & in tune with my surroundings.

Long story short…

I’ve still not been to New York, but I still plan to and my plans are taking more shape nowadays.

My original plan was so go for my 30th birthday, and to roadtrip up to Toronto from there, however these plans were crossed by another exciting opportunity: going to Singapore!

Ladies & gentlemen, for the first time ever I am leaving this continent. And it’s feeling kinda weird – I’m super excited, but had never anticipated that Singapore would be the first place outside Europe that I’d get to see with my own eyes.

Nick and me are heading there in the middle of September to visit his step dad – and as if the trip wasn’t exciting enough already, we’ll also get to go to the Formula 1 Grandprix that’s taking place at the same time! I honestly can’t wait for this trip – I’m sure it’ll be one of a lifetime.

Oh, and if there’s anything I should definitely go see in Singapore, or a great vegan restaurant that I should absolutely try whilst I’m there, please let me know ♥️


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