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  • Healthy Vegan Tiramisu Jars

    Healthy Vegan Tiramisu Jars
  • Vegan Chocolate Samosas

    Vegan Chocolate Samosas
  • Rice Protein Pancakes (Vegan + Gluten Free)

    Rice Protein Pancakes (Vegan + Gluten Free)
  • Pear & Cinnamon Smoothie (Vegan)

    Pear & Cinnamon Smoothie (Vegan)


My favourite vegan breakfast recipes – everything from smoothie bowls, bakes, porridge and more!

This section includes both simple vegan breakfast recipes for vegan newbies, as well as delicious breakfast recipes for the homemade “chefs” that don’t mind spending the extra 5 minutes in the kitchen.


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” they say – or at least my mum always used to. And even though I don’t fully agree with this statement everybody is different after all – vegan breakfasts are one of my favourite opportunities to get creative in the kitchen!

I’ve always happily sacrificed those extra 5 minutes in bed, just to get up earlier and create something delicious to start the day – this way I always have a yummy vegan breakfast waiting for me and the more a reason to get out of bed (it’s truly a fool-proof strategy!)


I hope you enjoy my vegan breakfast recipes just as much as I do & can’t wait to see your re-creations!


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