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When there’s a new vegan burger in town… you know girl needs to try it 😉

In mid April Nick and me got to visit the Byron restaurant in Beak Street for the launch of their new menu – the first menu change for Byron since they first opened in 2007! And it’s got all the veggie goodness added to it!

For the addition to their menu Byron have decided to add more versatile options to the restaurant – in contrast to what has been their mission until now: to provide traditional ‘proper (meat) burgers’. Isn’t it great to see that a meaty restaurant like them sees the need to add vegan options?

Now, I am sure some vegans might say ‘hey they’re still a meaty restaurant and I am not giving them my money’ – and that’s completely up to you! But in my personal opinion I think it’s great to support vegan options at non-vegan restaurants in order to create the demand for them to move over to more veggie and less meaty options. Seems like some vegans have done a great job asking for them at Byron so far 😉

I remember I first stepped into a Byron years ago – in Camden – with a couple of non-vegan friends, just to find that they didn’t have a single item for me to enjoy on the menu. So glad these times are over now and I can still eat there when my non-vegan mates want to go!

For their new menu Byron chose 6 new additions to the menu – with both veggie and vegan options. And we got to find a familiar face on the menu right away: pulled jackfruit! And it came three times: on the loaded nachos we had for a starter, on the loaded fries and also in the pulled jackfruit burger – which however is only marked as veggie, not vegan. According to the chef Paul Mason who kindly came to talk to everyone at the launch event this burger is almost vegan – there’s just 1 ingredient that is fried in the same section as the halloumi fries which makes it non-vegan. Fingers crossed they can add another fryer to the kitchen soon to make this one fully vegan also. 😉

See their full new menu here:

As the starter we had the loaded Nachos which are the vegan starter option. Loaded with pulled jackfruit that is seasoned beautifully! Very much reminded Nick and me of Pulled Oumph which we both love also. The nachos also had a good kick with their chilli sauce on top – which meant that I as a chilli-intolerant self had to be careful and pace myself whilst Nick could fully dig in.

Onto the mains! We already saw posters of the so called ‘Beetnik’ – their new vegan addition to the burger menu – as soon as we entered the restaurant for the new menu. And it looked great, however I have to admit that I was sceptical as I am not a huge fan of beetroot burgers – mainly because they often taste too sweet for my taste. But let me tell you: when this one arrived my tastebuds couldn’t believe the feast they were getting! The patty is very well seasoned – with the perfect mix of sweet (from the beetroot) and salty, a heavenly combination! The patty was also very well created and didn’t crumble apart like some vegan burgers tend to. Both Nick and me were positively surprised with this burger!

Oh and might I tell you that it’s also gluten free when ordering with their gf buns?

I might have to add as well that we both did not know how much food to expect from the launch event – from experience these events can be hold very differently and I’ve seen everything from going home hungry over little tasters and a full sit down menu. So we came prepared with some space in our tummies but also both had a good lunch – and then were wow’d to find out we were having a full on menu!

After the burger we got to try their superfood sald and at this point I was already stuffed – but simply had to try it as there was avocado all over it!

The salad had the pure wow effect – 10/10 would I order it again! And to let you know how much of a wow that is in my case: I’m known to not like ‘the green stuff’ 😉

This one was a total game changer though – woth crunchy quinoa, chewy tenderstem broccoli, the perfectly smooth avocado, sweetness from pomegranate… it was simply the perfect combination of different flavours and textures which made it super exciting to try!

Oh and you totaly should have seen my stuffed face when also loaded fries arrived on the table at the end… as someone who doesn’t like to waste food I stuffed myself so much that I was feeling full for days (no, not kidding here!) and rolled home more than satisfied.

What’s the conclusion of the eve? 10/10 would do again…. & no more big lunches before heading to Byron 😉

Find out more about Byron’s new menu here.


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