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DIY: Vegan Bacon!

Soooo… this has been in the planning for quite some time and last Sunday it finally happened:



I am pretty excited to show you how I make vegan bacon – or “Facon” as I call it – in my first video. For months I have been planning around, getting new lighting equipment and trying to decide which recipe to film and upload first and here it is:

Here are the ingredients I used in the video:


– 4-5 Rice paper sheets (Thick!)

– 2 tbsp Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

– bowl of water

– 3tbsp Tamari soy sauce (5tbsp if regular soy sauce)

– 1/4 tsp paprika powder (take smoked paprike if you like it spicy!)

– 1/2 tbsp garlic powder

– 2 tbsp nutritional yeast

– 1/4 tsp liquid smoke

– 1/4 tsp ground pepper

– 1 tbsp sweet syrup (maple syrup preferred)

The marinade should be enough for 4-5 rice papers, but please adjust the amount of ingredients in case you want to make more!

Make sure to watch the video to find out how to make the marinade and prepare the bacon sheets!

Which reciped would you like to see next?


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