The country side is calling

Hi everyone!

Guess what: It’s my birthday weekend!

And what better weekend could a vegan wish for than one on a farm picking fresh fruit and veg? (Yes, I do have my cliche days ha!)

After having a lovely selfmade pizza dinner eve with a few peeps at mine on Friday, Nick and me drove down to Esher outside of south west London to have a look at Garsons farm.

Until a few weeks ago, I did not even know that this farm existed here, but our neighbours have recently gone there and got me all exited when they told us about it.

It was the perfect Sunday activity to ‘calm down’ after my birthday festivities.

We spent around 2 hours running across the fields (next time I won’t wear Vans, I swear) picking plenty of veggies & fruits such as courgettes, cauliflowers (damn, it’s so difficult to get them out of them ground!), apples, strawberries and plenty of others – two full bags in total!

And it all just came to £12 in total, so it was also fairly cheap. I believe the strawberries were already half of that (but they are worth it!), so everything else was an absolute bargain.

Garsons also have a restaurant on the farm, as well as a gardening store and a delicatessen store with self-cooked ready meals and plenty of lovely things.

I am sure we will head back down there soon to grab some more fresh produce!

Find more details and also Garsons address on their website: http://www.garsons.co.uk/



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