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Review: VBites Brighton

When my mum came over to the UK to visit me for the first time in nearly 3 years I decided to take her on a little trip to Brighton, which she had already heard so much about from my dad (who really loves Madeira drive since I first took him there)

Visiting Brighton of course meant visiting my favourite Brighton food place +VBites Brighton again.

This time, we had a feast with a ‘meat feast’ pizza  and this amazing burger which contained Banana and peanut butter. Sounds weird, I do know that – but it is the most heavenly mix for a burger!

Their sweet potato fries were also the best I have eaten so far, yes our whole table did not look vegan at all, but it absolutely was:

VBites is now a definite standard visit for whenever I go to Brighton – that is for sure!




They also had this amazing refreshment called ‘The Hulk’ and it has broccoli, spinach, celery, mango, Apple and pineapple. Very nom, much healthy.



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